About Us

The Intersection of Business + Technology

NeXus stands at the forefront as a pioneering strategic consultancy deeply rooted in business, marketing, and technology.
We are dedicated to guiding companies through their evolution into digitally forward, customer-focused powerhouses that thrive globally. Established by seasoned business leaders, NeXus Digital Group has a proven track record of empowering clients to leverage cutting-edge technology and market channels. Our approach caters to the mid-market segment, offering expertise in marketing technology vision, strategy, implementation, and optimization, all molded by the evolving demands of our longstanding clients.

Our Team

With a backbone of over 80 global experts, including software engineers, digital strategists, and project administrators, our partners each contribute a distinct viewpoint in resolving business challenges, backed by a rich history in technology, marketing, operations, and innovation. NeXus Digital Group prides itself on employing the finest talents in each domain of expertise.

Kieran Walsh

Co-CEO, Business Strategy, Marketing, Customer Experience

Kieran Walsh is an accomplished company leader with versatile experience managing organizations of various stages of maturity and development. Most recently, he served as President of Greater Than One, where he was responsible for the company’s 300% growth overhis 5-year tenure. Kieran is a highly skilled brand marketer andinfluential thought leader across many industry sectors, most notablyhealth and wellness.

Kieran Walsh

Ken Winell

Ken Winell – Co Chief Executive Officer

With over two decades of experience in leading-edge digital solutions, Ken Winell is the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Evangelist at Nexus Digital Group, where he spearheads the development and execution of innovative technology strategies. His expertise lies in blending technical insight with business acumen to drive transformational growth and operational excellence. Before joining Nexus Digital Group, Ken held several key positions in prominent tech firms, where he was instrumental in launching groundbreaking products and services, earning him recognition as a visionary in digital innovation. His passion for technology is matched by his commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within the tech community. An advocate for continuous learning, he frequently participates in industry conferences, workshops, and seminars, both as a speaker and an attendee, to stay ahead of the evolving digital landscape. At Nexus Digital Group, Ken's leadership is pivotal in driving the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that enhance our service offerings, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the digital services industry. His strategic vision and dedication to excellence are integral to our mission of delivering exceptional value to our clients through innovative digital solutions.


Adam Alfi

CIO, Development, Managed Services 

Adam Alfi is a recognized IT Architecture, Managed Services, and Enterprise-level Cloud Technology leader. As the CEO of EffVision Technology Solutions, he brings a wealth of experience from senior roles at Leopelle, Gig Werks, and Icreon Tech. Adam's leadership and expertise have been pivotal in shaping the IT landscape.


Mike Benyo

COO, Operations, Delivery

Mike Benyo is renowned for his innovative approaches to project delivery and solutions architecture. His career spans several high-profile roles: President of Evolution Management, COO of Perception Media, CEO of Vognition, Regional President at AGENCY.COM, CIO of the NYC Marathon, and General Manager at GSI Interactive. Mike's diverse experience underscores his versatility and ingenuity in the industry.